Sexism Today


Sexism while not quite at the same degree seen in history is still a very prominent problem today, even when used jokingly it does not excuse it as being a sexism remark. Common internet meme such as “make me a sandwich” or “that ass” are indeed very sexist remarks that degrade the standing of women. Sexist ideals create molds in which people are constantly being judged in correlation to the expectations held to their gender roles. Males even today still hold a larger presence in the work force, account for more professional. People often say that sexism isn’t as big of a deal as say racism but in truth they both spawn from very much the same roots of discrimination and being looked down upon. Today stereotypes regarding the roles of women are still there and in some cases people actually believe in those stereotypes and perpetuate them. Stereotypes like women are bad drivers still linger around. Even more serious is the way we perceive either gender in accordance to doing the same action. Men who have sex with many women are praised while women who do the same are seen by society as “sluts” and “whores” or are “easy”. Even today sexism is still an issue whether people realizes it or not.


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